Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Covered in flour, laughing in the kitchen, while playing Chopped. I love to spend time in the kitchen with my son. I love to spend time in the kitchen for my son. Thus, I share with you the lunch creations I have created for my sweet boy. Welcome to our world...Somewhere Over the Rainbow!

Somewhere over the rainbow Way up high, There's a land that I heard of Once in a lullaby.--The Wizard of Oz

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This Means War


I AM AT WAR!!!!  Against Squirrels no less!  I looked out of my window yesterday to find about 7 squirrels digging up my back yard!  I went out my front door to find holes all over my front lawn!  I am at this point afraid to transport my garden and add more because they are already destroying everything…not to mention starving the poor birds out!

Whoever said squirrels were cute were out of their minds!  I find nothing adorable about these vermin. My first thought was to get a BB GUN and go to town, but the reality is, is that I would never have the heart to actually shoot at them!  So what is a girl to do…TAKE TO PINTEREST! DUH!

So, so far I have found a plethora of home remedies.  I am on a mission and this is what I am working with:

1. Hair:  apparently human or animal, will deter the tuckers because of the oils.

2. Cat litter:  Which would be great if I had a cat.  Even better, how about these stray cats that come around do me a favor and get these squirrels!

3. There were some pellets on Amazon that were like $50 but I don’t think these critters are worth that much, so I won’t even bother remembering the name of them!

4. Irish Spring Soap:  Now I hear this works great!  Just grate it over your lawn and you will not only have the cleanest smelling garden, but a rodent free one as well! (And yes people, squirrels fall in the same category as rats and mice!)

5. Peppers:  Now this seems more logical and more readily available to me!  Apparently any hot peppers will do the trick.

I think I will buy some ground cayenne and pour it all over my yard and see what happens! If that doesn’t work, I will have a sudsy Irish Spring clean lawn.  And of course, i could always break down and get a garden fence, but that does nothing about the squirrels digging holes everywhere for acorns!

Wish me luck!

Teacher’s Appreciation Treat Bags

These yummy yummy bags were filled with Chocolate Chip cookie Cream cheese brownie balls!

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Easy Bag Decoratrions

Easy Bag Decoratrions

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DIY Scratch-Off

So my son’s soccer team was in dyer need of funds for new uniforms and equipment, etc. As team mom, I quickly learned that there were no funds for a traditional fundraiser, so I had to get creative. In a meeting with another parent, the idea came up about scratch-offs, but again we were faced with a lack of seed money to even jumpstart such a minute program. I had to get creative, so I took to Pinterest. I found a few different recipes, but because I had one shot, I mixed together everything I learned (and rather could remember) from various posts and this is what I got!

Ingredients: Dish Soap, Acrylic Paint, Q-Tips, Card Stock, Glue, Clear Box Tape or Contact Paper, Paint Brushes, and Disposable Plastic Cups (I keep old fruit cups for this purpose!)


First, I created the cards. I found this template at

I adhered tape to the white print outs.  This will make it easy to scratch-off.image

After adhered the print outs to card stock (which is optional, as you could print directly on the card stock), I mixed my paints.


Add 2 parts paint for every one part of dish soap and mix well.


One coat later, I had great scratch offs that were dry in less than an hour! Each of our cards yielded the possibility of raising $100!

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"Setting Sails" Bento

Jif Hazelnut Butter Spread with Strawberry Preserves and Apples

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"Umi and I" Bento


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*Grilled Chicken and Cheese Hoagie
*Hummus and Hazelnut Spread Mix
*V8 Splash Sparkling


*Grilled Chicken and Cheese Hoagie
*Hummus and Hazelnut Spread Mix
*V8 Splash Sparkling

TMNT Bento bag, featuring the acronyms on the sewer lid and Leonardo.
*Hazelnut Butter and Orange Preserve Sammie
*Sweet Pears
*Baby Carrot Sticks
V8 Sparkling Juice